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Resort Area Province Date Week(s) Size Price Levy RCI Season Select
Sanbonani HazeyviewMpumalanga11-Oct-2019 to 11-Oct-2019F292 bed 61999.00R59654700Red
La Montagne BallitoKZN16-Dec-2019 to 16-Dec-201947,48 & 12 bed 4230000.00TBA27460Peak 3 & 4
La RochelleSt LuciaKZN03-Jan-2020 to 03-Jan-2020M023 bed 68000.00R57557300Peak 3
Mabula Lodge Bela BelaLimpopo27-Sep-2019 to 27-Sep-2019392 bed 67000.00R115435824Red
Mabula Lodge Bela BelaLimpopo27-Dec-2019 to 27-Dec-2019522 Bed 638000.00R1154311725Peak 4
Magalies Park HartbeespoortNorth West21-Jun-2019 to 21-Jun-2019H0042 bed 65500.00R110229218Peak 3
ManyanePilanesburgNorth West21-Jun-2019 to 21-Jun-2019MP051 bed 69999.00TBA7524Peak 3
Ngwenya Lodge KomatipoortMpumalanga12-Jul-2019 to 12-Jul-2019N183 bed 869000.00R56846650Red
Ngwenya Lodge KomatipoortMpumalanga25-Oct-2019 to 25-Oct-2019N302 bed 645000.00R54564950Red
Ngwenya Lodge KomatipoortMpumalanga29-Nov-2019 to 29-Nov-2019N352 bed 620000.00R54564300Red
Peninsula Sea PointWestern Cape18-Oct-2019 to 18-Oct-2019421 bed 425000.00TBA4300Red
Perna Perna Umdloti UmdlotiKZN28-Jun-2019 to 28-Jun-2019M273 bed 616000.00R61876860Peak 2
La Montagne BallitoKZN01-Jul-2019 to 01-Jul-2019252 bed 45500.00TBA7040Peak 2
Kridzil MargateKZN28-Jun-2019 to 28-Jun-2019262 bed 62499.00TBA4450Peak 2
Kridzil MargateKZN21-Jun-2019 to 21-Jun-2019252 bed 62499.00TBA4450Peak 2
Sanbonani HazeyviewMpumalanga13-Dec-2019 to 13-Dec-2019P092 bed 638000.00R59657450Peak 3
Sodwana Bay Lodge SodwanaKZN09-Nov-2019 to 09-Nov-2019453 bed 84500.00R73083762White
Sondela Bela BelaLimpopo27-Dec-2019 to 27-Dec-2019P102 bed 625000.00R64609600Peak 4
Strand Pavilion StrandWestern Cape28-Jun-2019 to 28-Jun-2019262 bed 63999.00R74385700Peak 1
Suntide Beach ClubSouth CoastKZN28-Jun-2019 to 28-Jun-2019262 bed 65999.00R61744570Peak 2
Bakgatla ResortPilanesburgNorth West27-Dec-2019 to 27-Dec-2019HP121 bed 617000.00TBA7535Peak 4
Cabana Beach UmhlangaKZN14-Dec-2019 to 14-Dec-2019502 bed 6285000.00R94807550Peak 3
Drakensberg SunDrakensbergKZN27-Sep-2019 to 27-Sep-2019392 bed 615000.00R112005600Red
FairwaysDrakensbergKZN07-Jun-2019 to 07-Jun-2019A42 bed 61999.00R67255200Red
FairwaysDrakensbergKZN27-Dec-2019 to 27-Dec-2019522 bed 6120000.00R672510000Peak 4
Hermanus Beach Club HermanusWestern Cape20-Sep-2019 to 20-Sep-2019383 bed 623000.00R56777000Peak 1
Perna Perna Umdloti UmdlotiKZN27-Dec-2019 to 27-Dec-2019M013 bed 675000.00R61879583Peak 4
Resort Area Province Date Week(s) Size Price Levy RCI Season

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